9 May 2011


So I've taken a step back into the good old days of posting about bands after a good deal of people already know about them. As well as the good old days of not posting new bands for an age. Blame a lack of self control, motivation, and general ability to be a useful human being. I am sorry. But if you don't know of Sumsun - WOOHOO.

Sumsun is looping, psychedelic, 'tropical' electro sounds coming from Florida, apparently. That's about all you really need to know. Oh, and it's good. Oh, and insert some cheesy line about the summer. Oh, and if you liked Mozam Beaks a few weeks back you'll like this. Oh, and if you like this and you don't know of Mozam Beaks, check them out.

Sumsun - Stay FRESH Young

Sumsun - Non-Menthol Dub

Sumsun - Ants

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