6 April 2011

Bos Angeles

Bos Angeles beach band photo.
Bos Angeles are a band from Boscombe (just by Bournemouth on the south coast of England) that nobody seems to know very much about, other than that they’re from Boscombe and that the members met through making ice cream. It’s a pretty apt way for the three-piece to have met if the only recording of theirs around at the moment – Beach Slalom – is anything to go by. It’s music that deserves to be played by groups of friends pissing around on hot summer days; surf-infused post-punkyish vibes with a good helping of catchy pop. A spoonful of this will help the proverbial medicine go down – these are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Check out Beach Slalom below.

Bos Angeles - Beach Slalom


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