7 April 2011

Deadbeat Beat

Has anyone had enough garage and 60s pop inspired lo-fi alternative rock kinda stuff yet? If not, and there’s every reason that that be the case, continue reading. If so, this isn't for you. Deadbeat Beat are from Michigan. They make music along said lines – catchy, scruffy, semi surf-ish, garage-y poppy rock, if that's not too many musical genres to include in one sentence. Comparisons to the likes of Surfer Blood and Cloud Nothings are perhaps a little predictable but fairly justified I’d say. I can imagine this being slightly cleaned up and sounding ace on a full-length.

Apparently they have an upcoming split single with Secret Twins on Sneaky Eurekas. That might mean more to you than it does to me. Listen to stuff below or grab a collection of demos for free from bandcamp.

Deadbeat Beat - See You All The Time

Deadbeat Beat - Body Shakes

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