13 April 2011

Hear Hums

Hear Hums press shot
From one side of the Animal Collective coin of influence - yesterday's "world"-y World Map - to the other, with the glitchy experimental pop noise of Hear Hums.

Hear Hums are a two-piece from Gainesville, Florida, and consider themselves an experimental and visual band. It's pretty easy to see why this would work, Hear Hums music is driving, complex, kaleidoscopic soundscapes that brings forth visions of colourful and swirling shapes even without the actual visual accompaniment. Bubbling electronic sounds, crashing cymbals, clicking rims and rickety snares, woo-and-ahh-ing vocals, and often bending or looping guitar strums all coming together to create something otherworldly and wonderful.

They're about to head out on tour in the US, but UK people are probably going to have to be a bit patient to see the visuals and sounds working alongside eachother. I bet it's bloody good though. Listen to stuff at bandcamp, or grab whole album Psyche Cycles, released back in December, for free (with permission from the band) here.

Hear Hums - Woo

Hear Hums - BXYZ

Hear Hums - Ay

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