8 April 2011


Paper Endless Summer album cover
From one genre that many will have had enough of (Deadbeat Beat's garage rock blogged yesterday), to a whole new one todayl the surf rock sound of Paper. Same rule applies - if surf's not your thing, you might not want to bother. If it is, and it arguably should be, then this is for you.

Paper are a little bit like a Los Angeles based, scruffier sounding version of North Wales' Y Niwl. It's largely summery fun surf music with long periods of instrumental (although at times also a little bit punky, see: Surfing In Mexico), executed in a highly naïve and lo-fi way. Whether out of necessity or choice, I'm not too sure, but this is good, even if done a few times before. Listen below, or grab a whole album over at bandcamp.

Paper - Into the Navy Navy Blue Blue

Paper - Temper Clinic

Paper - Summer In Mexico (cover)


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    There's a bit more info about paper in the COMMENTS