8 October 2010

Islet: New Track

Increasingly known, increasingly loved and increasingly traveled Islet, the Cardiff band who are famed for their 'shun' of the internet (they love the internet, they told me themselves during an interview in a Portuguese cafe in Cardiff, found here) and their very good live shows, have been working hard since their well received mini album Celebrate This Place, released last year.

The band are still currently on a huge tour of the UK, but have somehow managed to record another mini album, entitled Wimmy, which is due out October 10th (and also available at their live shows). Turnstile announced the free download of track 'Ringerz' in the build up to that ages ago, but I've only just gotten around to writing about it. You can download it from here.

'Ringerz' sees the band exploring deeper Animal Collective-y waters, with more use of echoing effects that we know and love from their debut release, multi-drum action, and unsual vocals switching from male to female.

The band play Swn festival on October 23rd (also keep an eye out for the band member's other music with attack+defend and Them Squirrels), and the rest of their live dates from their still going UK tour can be found on their website. (See. I told you they didn't hate the internet).

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