17 October 2010

HEALTH at Clwb Ifor Bach

There is no doubt in my mind that Swn and FLUX=RAD put on some of the very best gigs in Cardiff and do great things for the lives of music fans in this city. This gig lived up to their usual high standards.

Saturday's Kids (much loved on here as any semi-regular reader will be all too overly aware) were only support. Their set got a mixed response from the Clwb Ifor Bach crowd. The majority seemed a little confused and taken aback, but those who enjoyed it seemed to really enjoy it - me included. They continue to adapt as a band, each gig gradually tighter than the last, and they also previewed a new track which suggested a whole new direction for them - more calm, more brooding, more pensive.

HEALTH were incredibly, incredibly loud. About two songs in I was forced to go and pick myself up some ear plugs, both to hear a little more clearly and for fear of those little hairs that can be destroyed by LOUD NOISES. Once these were in, things seemed more rhythmic, electro noises were really catchy and I really started to get into things. Just as I was really appreciating things, though, they announced their last song, which was, of course, USA BOYS.

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