16 October 2010

My Train Journey To London

I decided that sitting down for 2 hours in the company of other First Great Western loyal customers was an opportunity to re-listen to some of the music I have stumbled upon on the internet presence of various blogs, labels and bands over the past few months. Yeah, I know, this is a really boring pretence (and an even less inventive title), but hopefully the writing below, highlighting some of my favourite listens during my journey through tunnels and past fields, may allow you to find a new band that you grow to love.

Artist: Burnt Ones
Track: Bury Me In Smoke
Download: This track alone from their bandcamp here.

California’s Burnt Ones opt for the same methods as recent Fat Possum signees Smith Westerns, drawing influence from T-Rex styled glam rock, combining it with lo-fi style recording methods to catchy, enjoyable effects. ‘Bury Me In Smoke’ might not be quite as strong as much of the content of Smith Westerns’ self-titled debut – though it would be difficult to be as said album is packed full with fantastic songs - but its reverb-y and immediately recognisable guitar riffs, lazy drum beats and sing-along vocals will, at the very least, tease out a strong sense of nostalgia even if, like me, you weren’t born yet.

Artist: Young Michelin
Track: Elle M'Oublera
Download: Two free songs from Holiday Records by clicking THIS LINK.

Evidently from France (Nandax, to be exact), Young Michelin are another band spotted by the lovely Holiday Records, run (partly, at least) by the now ex-guitarist for The Drums, Jacob. They have a knack of releasing catchy indie pop tunes, and this is no different; jangly pop loveliness fronted by French-sung vocals, with guitar lines straight from Johnny Marr’s How To guide.

Artist: Guards
Track: Resolution Of One
Download: A full seven-track EP from their bandcamp here.

I don’t know very much about this band. I can’t even find out if they have a MySpace page. All I know is that the guy’s sister is in the band Cults. She posted a link on the band’s Twitter to his bandcamp account, which attracted enough attention to his music that the likes of The Guardian and MTV are saying nice things about it. The free EP also features appearances from some people from MGMT and Chairlift, too. I also know that I enjoy this song, and much of the EP, in fact. Okay, so I know a little bit about this band. "Resolution Of One" at times reminds me of Deerhunter, though is more upbeat, faster paced, and has a far more accessible chorus. It’s not very much like Deerhunter at all really. The whole EP is enjoyable, so just download it already.

Artist: Mazes
Track: I Don’t Want To Know
Download: This song from Transparent here, and others from HypeMachine.

Fuzzy and catchy guitar rock/pop from Manchester, not to be confused with the folk band of the same name (who, incidentally, don’t sound too bad). These were one of my highlights from Shoreditch’s 1234 Festival. Expect lazily strummed guitar, a retro sound, and to not your head. They also do a pleasant cover of “Don’t Worry Baby” which you’ll find somewhere on HypeMachine if you look hard enough.

Artist: Plastic Flowers
Track: We Just Had More Fun
Download: This song and one other from Beko 63, here.

Slow paced drum machine, distant chilled out vocals, space-y echoing guitar strums, and an array of synth noises make up this lo-fi and ambient electropop from the Florida-based Sean Earl Beard. Be sure to check out the Beko website in more detail for more fantastic free downloads.

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