21 July 2010

Latitude 2010

I spent last weekend in a tent at Latitude festival, and it was an experience I highly enjoyed. I've written a pretty darn lengthy diary of my whole experience, which is soon to feature on Neu Magazine (complete with poorly taken photos from a Boots disposable camera), but for now here is a short summary of some of my favourite bands this year.

Spectrals put on a really great show, completely doing justice to their deliciously fuzzy surfy pop songs. They're just about to put out a release on Moshi Moshi, which will undoubtedly be great and will probably/hopefully make them huge. Go to see these live.

Dirty Projectors, although disgustingly under-watched by the main stage crowd, played a strong set of songs from a range of albums. The three girls' harmonies were a truely incredible spectacle, and "Stillness In The Move" sounded great - though some of the guitar parts were slightly off.

I was impressed by Yuck, especially the strength of the male vocal parts. I wasn't expecting him to sound so 'big'. Can certainly imagine these playing a big stage pretty soon.

Grizzly Bear finished off the festival nicely. They played stuff from a few of their different albums, and the songs came across 'bigger' (I apologise for this shit word) than they sound on the albums. I feel like I'll appreciate their recorded stuff even more now.

Connan Mockasin played on this weird small stage where everyone was sat down (apart from me). It wasn't the best I'd ever seen him live (he seemed more interested in making friends with some of the females in the crowd rather than playing to everyone), but it was still enjoyable to hear his weird psychedelic pop live for a third time.

My biggest surprise and favourite set of the weekend came from Y Niwl, a band I only saw because they followed after another that I had planned to see. Their instrumental surf rock was incredibly catchy (especially the guitar and Booker T styled keys) and it was just brilliant to listen to. Apparently they have just released an EP ,which I am definitely going to try my hands on and would urge you to also.

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