14 June 2010

The Ruby Suns

The other day I went so see The Ruby Suns play Cardiff's Buffalo Bar, a gig put on by the quite brilliant Loose (run by Liz from The School). It was a really good gig - and one that I reviewed at ThisIsFakeDIY (top Google result for "Ruby Suns Cardiff", yes!) - though it was far too empty than the band deserved, probably because of Islet and Yuck playing at Cardiff's Clwb Ifor Bach on the same night.

The third album from the New Zealand based group is pretty darn good (I also reviewed this, on StereoSubversion) and it definitely deserves checking out, especially for fans of the likes of Animal Collective. In fact, all three albums (all of which are on Spotify) deserve a good listen. I also interviewed the band after the gig and will link to that as soon as I get around to transcribing.

Most of you will already know of them. Well worth a listen if you are yet to or are skeptical!

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