31 July 2010


Riff heavy Mclusky influenced tongue-in-cheek alternative rock. What could go wrong? Okay, lots could go wrong. But Kutosis do it right. The Cardiff-based trio are loved by their hometown - especially for their live shows - and they're rapdily growing on me too.

They've just released an EP (named "We Are The Animal, You Are The City") through the Cardiff-based label Twisted By Design (who also run a great regular alternative club night in Cardiff and have a compilation of Cardiff bands knocking around from a few years back) and they are also featured on Barely Regal Records' recent compilation. Their track "Small Cities" (which can be found on the Barely Regal compilation, or on the We Are The Animal... EP) is well worth a listen. The guitar parts are really heavy sounding, yet it manages to still be catchy - and the lyrics are worth listening to properly, too.

"Joseph" is available on Last FM as a free download. We Are The Animal, You Are The City is available on iTunes or from the band's online shop, where you'll also find some older releases. You can also watch "Blinking Psychos" peformed live at Reading Festival's Introducing stage below (apologies for the size, I completely fail at HTML editing). They also play Swn Festival in October - another reason to go.

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