30 July 2010


I've been thinking of things that might improve this blog, and I thought it might be fun to run an interactive music recommendation service.

Okay, that makes it sound a little more glamorous than what it really is. It's essentially an idea stolen from Radio 1 and their music generator, only without the trauma of speaking to Fearne Cotton. If you leave a comment in the box on the right if you would prefer to email me then that is fine too), below the picture of those snazzy looking kids, with a few of your favourite bands, or your favourite genres, or simply the sort of band you are looking to discover (as well as someway for me to get back to you)I will give your commens some thought and will recommend you a new (or maybe old) band that I think you'll love (and hopefully one that you haven't heard of!).

It's not a service that most blogs run, so hopefully it can be succesful and help you find a new musical love. I might even find a few bands that I think you'll love, and might be able to source you a few legal downloads or sources to purchase their stuff.

Also, if you know of a better comments box than the one on the right which might do a better job, let me know.

Get commenting!

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