23 April 2010

Trash Kit

It's really pissing annoying when you plan on going to a gig, get yourself all worked up to see the band, only to realise you alreayd have unbreakable plans. It's even more annoying when the mentioned gig is a free one and the venue is a cosey little affair. This is indeed the situation for me with a Trash Kit gig a couple of days ago. I won't blame Ricky Gervais, though. He was pretty good.

But the more I listen to this Trash Kit self-titled album, which is released in a mere 3 day's time (don't worry, folks, I haven't illegally downloaded it), the more I wish that the nights hadn't clashed and I had seen them live. I bet it was fucking great.

The lo-fi feeling Trash Kit hears vocals that bounce and yelp, not too dissimilar to what we hear on The Slits' Cut, guitar sounds that at times are intricately placed like a math-rock dream and at other times seemingly-uncontrollably freak out, bouncing bass lines, and an active (rather than simple time-keeping) drum roll. But more than this, the album has a great feel. It's fun and it keeps you interested at all times. At points it's punky, with all three girls lending a hand in the vocal-department, and at other times it has a sort of 'experimental indie' (yeah, that sounded as shit in my head as it reads down here) feel (think Micachu and the Shapes) but Trash Kit, despite some evident influences, make sounds that are completely their own. It's a very good album and is one that will probably continue to mount more annoyance towards that dreaded clash of dates.

For more info and stuff like that, check out the band's MySpace or blog.


  1. I really feel the same about "Micachu and the Shapes" like.
    I wil write a little thing in french on my blog.

  2. Trash Kit are excellent live, or were the one time i saw 'em. Really special, like.