26 April 2010

Beaty Heart

I love Animal Collective. And, now seemingly because of this, I like any band that sound a little bit like Animal Collective (see Water Borders, Celebration, Local Natives etc). So when a band go that little bit further than directly ripping them off (not that the afformentioned bands do this, nor would I object to it if they did, at least they have the sense to copy from the best kid in class), but just encorporate some of the feel, pointing it into a new direction, I like it even more. Beaty Heart do just this.

Now, although Beaty Heart don't cite AC as an influence upon their music, I think they'd be fibbing if they claimed to never had enjoyed an AC record or two. The heavy reliance on the drumming side of things (the band are three parts drummer to one part guitarist), combined with the use of electro-loops and chanty/shouty vocal harmonies can't help but conjure images of the Baltimore-born foursome, as well as other accredited sources such as Gang Gang Dance and old gospel music. Think all of this, plus a sort of world music (especially African) feel.

Beaty Heart's 'Cola' is available for free download from The Mix Tape, and you can also check out that, as well as other stuff, on their MySpace and blog.

Edited to add: new song available here.

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