22 April 2010

New Snowden EP, Free Download

Snowden are back with a darker and dirtier follow up to their post-punk influenced debut, Anti-Anti. They're a band that seem to have slipped under a lot of people's radars, odd for a group who were originally so hyped up in the blog-scene, and who are still putting out good music.

The new release seems to edge the band closer to the 90s shoegaze scene - expect more guitar distortions and noise, which suits their melancholic-feel well - but there's still enough melody and post-punk influence for those fond of their early sound. A full-length follow up is also expected at some point, but with the band struggling with funds, according to their MySpace page, it may be a little while yet.

The EP is available for free download on the band's website or on their MySpace, and their most popular song, which shares the title of their debut album, Anti-Anti, is still available from the band's Last FM page for free download, too.

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