22 August 2011

Grrrl Friend

When a band contact you saying they like pizza, weed, and noise you can hazard a pretty good guess as to how they might sound. Portland's Grrrl Friend certainly don't disappoint.

It's lazy, lo-fi, noisy rock music with definite post-punk influences made by people (2-4 of them depending on the band's mood, apparently) who sound like they don't give a shit about much - and yet, despite its hissy recordings and care-free feel, it's surprisingly accomplished. They can carry on not giving a shit about much if music like this is the result.

Their album Happening Now is out now on Gnar Tapes. Listen to some of its best bits below, or download the entire thing for free from bandcamp.

Grrrl Friend - doppelganger 12-step

Grrl Friend - Happening Now

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