18 August 2011

Dead Rabbits

Whereas some bands come across like they're trying to hide their influences from you in some weird way to come across original, Dead Rabbits seem like the kind of band that would gladly lend you their entire record collection just so that another person gets pleasure from the music that they love.

That's not to say that the Southampton four-piece are copycats or unoriginal, just that they wear their influences (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Joy Division, The Beatles, Jesus & Mary Chain etc) proudly on their sleeves and sound like they absolutely love making music with a nod to their idols. Tracks have a fuzzy nostalgic warmth and the band have this indescribable charm - and they're certainly not scared to stray away from the 3-minute-song rule.

Although still not perhaps The Finished Product just yet, it's been pleasing to see the band gradually improve over the last few months and I'm looking forward to finding out where they go next.

Dead Rabbits - Severn

Dead Rabbits - Better Things

Dead Rabbits - Suicide

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