11 August 2011

Bare Grillz

Com Truise. Joanna Gruesome. Ringo Deathstarr. Bare Grillz. Another band in a long line of excellent/awful pun names. But, although they may be part of a minor-trend in the name department - and indeed in terms of imagery they slot right in with the hip crowd - the Newcastle threepiece's sound isn't as typical as you might expect.

Although positively lo-fi, they avoid the shoegaze / surf / garage / chillwave / witchhouse / nightbus buzz-sounds, sometimes opting instead for a more "math" influenced sound, ala Foals circa 2007, and other times just making a noise pop guitar racket. Although that may not read particularly appealingly, Bare Grillz' songs have a desperation and a certain honesty to them - and they most certainly get a thumbs up here.

Bare Grillz - Lee Majors

Bare Grillz - Robert Pattinson Foot Tattoo

Bare Grillz - They Hang Tight But They Might Fall

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  1. have you heard of Elvis Depressedly? music might not be quite up your street, but....that name!