15 November 2010

Oui Messy EP

Perhaps one of one of the most enjoyable parts of listening to music is being pleasantly surprised. It’s all too easy to dismiss a band on the blandness of their list of influences or the bagginess of their jeans (I jest, of course). Perhaps even better than that is being surprised when a band who have already put out some strong material come back with stuff that’s even better.

I posted about Cardiff-based Oui Messy a few months back, based on one live performance and regular listens of a small collection of songs on MySpace, and listening to their most recent EP was exciting.

Such is often the case with young bands the Oui Messy sound is a constantly evolving one, like a band who are both still yet to find a place they are completely comfortable with, as well as one constantly finding new great old bands to influence them. Not that that’s any sort of criticism; EP Gelert (and bonus tracks) are all the better for it. Initially, Gelert may feel a little plain-indie and almost Arctic Monkeys-y, but, given time, it’s a strong demonstration of one of Cardiff’s most exciting offerings.

Lots of small bands seem to find the transition from popular local act to one being more widely appreciated a difficult one, but Oui Messy are looking good for that wider audience so far.

Download or stream EP ‘Gelert’, as well as bonus tracks ‘…and Other Short Stories’ from here, stream Bubblegum (from it) or Salesman (an earlier track, not on it) below.

Oi Messy - Salesman

Oui Messy - Bubblegum

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