19 August 2010

Oui Messy

Oui Messy refuse to stick to any winning formula, and hats off to them for that.

A quick listen to their MySpace tracks and you will be immediately greeted with the post-punky "Salesman". Catchy guitar riffs accompany a driving bass-line, and vocal harmonies (well, in a sort of Young Knives-y way) lead up to one of the most memorable and immediately enjoyable choruses you will definitely hear for a while (I still remember it well, in fact, from one evening in Cardiff's Bar YK watching them support Saturday's Kids despite a heavy dose of alcohol - "All for the family, all for the family too!"). It's post-punk, relatively light-hearted fun.

From then on, one expects more of the same. Cardiff 3-piece Oui Messy have other ideas. "Example 1" is all dark noise and haunting spoken word distortion. A guitar plays on a loop and a drum beats in the background; screams and shouts pierce the noise every so often and bass muffles. It's a long way from the anthemic Salesman, but yet is equally as effective.

They demonstrate yet more diversity and strength through their 2 further tracks online. "Second House" is fast-paced and choppy, with a bass-line that could happily sit on any Police record. Lyrics are spat out almost in the Gareth Los Campesinos style at times, and the whole song has a vintage feel to it that I struggle to trace the roots of. It's good, nonetheless. "Come Roll Over" sees yet more change, with an almost ska and funk (as ska and funk as post-punk can get, that is) to the rallying guitar and bass parts, and a Babyshambles styled sound creeps in at times. All for the family, all for the family too!

Oui Messy are comparable to Cardiff bands Joy of Sex and Saturday's Kids (blog posts here) and, like them, are really starting to make a name for themselves in the city.

Support slots for numerous noteworthy bands left, right, and centre and a debut EP on its way, Oui Messy are one to keep an ear out for. And to see live.

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