3 February 2013

Menace Beach

Always listen to your editor. DIY boss Stephen Ackroyd sent me Menace Beach ages ago. 26th June 2012. I listened. I liked. I forgot to listen again until a few months ago, and have taken this long to post them on the blog. Yeah, I actually get paid to write about music.

Menace Beach are great. Their lo-fi grungy, poppy, 90s-ish sound combines everything I love about Joey Fourr with everything I love about Gross Magic. That's a pretty fucking great combo. It's mucky but it's catchy as hell. They've recorded with MJ of Hookworms at his Suburban Home Studio in Leeds which is always a great sign (he also plays in the live band) and they're going to be putting out a release on the Too Pure singles club in the future which will no doubt be very good indeed. Before then you can check out their four track EP, which is out now on French indie label Desire Records and also available as a free download (or pay as much as you like) from bandcamp.

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