23 February 2013

Home Alone

About 18 months back (fuck I'm old) I blogged about garage rock Toronto three-piece Stacey Adams. You probably don't remember. I barely do. Anyway, Thomas Mazurkiewicz of that band recently got in touch about a solo project he was working on. "It's alot different from stacey adams, but im alot happier with the music," he says in the email - and he's not wrong.

The title of the debut EP - 'Teddybears & Weed' - from Home Alone probably tells you a lot about its sound. It's sweet and cutesy while pretty laid-back and a bit trippy. A big step away fromt he scruffy lo-fi rock of Stacey Adams but nonetheless impressive and enjoyable. Obviously I'm not the first person to say this (hiya Crack In The Road and Dots & Dashes), but who cares, give it a listen below or stream the whole EP on bandcamp.

Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud

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