22 January 2012

Tour Diary: Dolfinz

Back in November, Basement Fever favourites Dolfinz headed out on a tour of the UK. Kindly, they offered to take some photos and write some words of the experience - below.

Friday 18th November

We got stranded in the little village where Gav lives called Kinneff, outside of Stonehaven. Meaning we had 2 hours sleep before the nine hour bus journey to Manchester. This combined with a lengthy and difficult soundcheck by The Babies meant i had a huge headache and wanted to die right after we played. But then i got a beer and rocked out to Brooklyn and Manchester's finest. I also met one of the girls in No Womb, she had a cool vagina tattoo on her arm.

Saturday 19th November

Declining Max of Joanna Gruesome's offer to smoke us out with joints housed in a Indian sexual enhancement pill box, and sleeping instead paid off. We were awake bright and early to catch a bus to Glasgow for our second show with The Babies. This was a really cool show, our friends PAWS blew everyones minds like they always do and The Babies were beyond, also.


Sunday 20th November

Home. A weird day. We played in a tiny art studio on Market Street in Aberdeen. The room had a giant eyeball on the wall and rad visuals from M.O.C. It was pitch black, there was no room at all, and nobody could hear shit, so it decended into the right kind of chaos pretty quickly. We had fun.

Tuesday 22nd November

We left behind the trusty Megabus and travelled back down to England in the Tuff Wax mobile, with Shaun and Tom from the label. The entire time in Carlisle was ridiculous. We played in Gav's step-dads restraunt, got around 300 pounds worth of free food and booze and ended up in a strange nightclub, packed full of strange looking English people.

Wednesday 23rd November

Wales! Supporting Islet, bit of a weird show. It was packed with dudes, meaning I had nobody to give sex eyes to during 'Mean Girls'. Everyone stared and refused to move so I went to them and upset a couple of people. That night we ate McDonalds and watched the awful picture Donnie Darko at the home of Richard Scott, of Copy Haho, also from Stonehaven.

Thursday 24th November

After a lot of sleeping and a Meatball Hoagie from Cardiff's New York Deli we headed for Portsmouth. We played at The Registry with Fear of Men (Bos Angeles couldn't make it). The place looked dead but soon filled out when we took to the stage. People seemed fairly impressed, apart from the unconvincing punk-bro whose drink ended up all over my back during 'Blowhole'. With nowhere to stay in Portsmouth, we drove to London that night to stay with one of our best friends from Stonehaven, Papes, who has a nice flat on Holloway Road.

Whatever, Forever by DðlfinZ

Sunday 27th November

Following a couple of days lounging around London with no money or cigarettes, and feeling low after the departure of Tom and Shaun for Berlin, we were ready to finish the tour. We arrived at the venue, Power Lunches on Kingsland Rd. Dalston, pretty early. I have to admit i wasn't all that excited about playing because i fell into a bit of a bummer by the end of the tour, but we played really well. We encouraged the crowd to come forward, but they claimed to be 'too scared', which made me smile. Hearing people exclaim compliments to one another during your set rather than approaching you after is much nicer, seems more legit. We met some rad girls and the ultimate party dudes that are Slowcoaches. The next day we took a 13 hour bus journey back to Aberdeen.


Find out more about Dolfinz both on Basement Fever or on their Facebook page.

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