28 October 2011

Show: Woman's Hour / Yoofs - Kingston, November 16

Myself and Nathan Horror Show Tunes have decided that Kingston-upon-Thames could do with some more gigs, and we've taken the responsibility on ourselves - under the name Zeitgiest (feel free to go 'like' us on Facebook to be kept up to date with future shows).

Our first show will take place in Kingston, at The Cricketer's pub, with Woman's Hour and Yoofs on Wednesday November 16.

Of Woman's Hour, Nathan said: "the bordering-on-tropical melodies and subtly arresting vocals can only inspire one thing, total adoration." while of Yoofs I've previously spouted: "Ramshackle, fun, catchy, scruffy pop songs - if there's any justice in the world these will 'go somewhere'".

And if you don't believe us, listen for yourselves below.

Jenni by Woman's Hour


Facebook Event | Last FM Event

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