12 October 2011

Blood Sport

On listen to Sheffield's Blood Sport, it's difficult to decide whether I really like them or really don't. Whilst their recordings are a bit scrappy (expect instruments to not always be in-time with each other), their sound is inventive, experimental and daring. The band are probably fully aware that a large proportion of the general public will never be interested in listening to their somewhat obnoxious-sounding songs, yet they go ahead and continue making the music that they want to make regardless.

Their sound is a difficult one to pin down, with the three-piece not easily fitting into any specific conceived genres, nor do they have many obvious musical comparisons (though there are definite hints of the care-free attitude of The Fall, whilst also having a 'math'-ish techy Battles-like sound, and reminding me too of Volcano!) - which is always a good thing. What's for sure is that it's noisy, ambitious and anti-social - yet works (perhaps surprisingly) well, for the most part at least. Download a digital copy of the cassette from bandcamp, or order a physical copy from The Audacious Art Experiment.

H.S.F.M. by Blood Sport

Blood Sport - Mayan Dance

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