28 September 2011


Bandcamp is becoming a crowded place. The longer it lives on, the more bands (quite rightly) upload their music to it. But, as we know, most music is pretty rubbish. So when after hours of trawling you stumble upon something even vaguely good, the feeling is euphoric. Of course the risk is that if you find something that is only half-good, in comparison to all the dreadful rap-rock, singer-songwriter folk and nu-rave electro dance, your brain mistakes it as something excellent. Bournemouth's Yoofs (up until very recently going under the name AC SLATER), however, really is very good.

Be skeptical of me and my shattered and musically overloaded brain if you must. I urge you to be skeptical and pessimistic in fact. That way, when you finally get to clicking the play button down at the bottom of this page, you can share in my feelings of joy. Ramshackle, fun, catchy, scruffy pop songs - if there's any justice in the world (thank-you, Lemar) these will 'go somewhere'.

Yoofs - Sidewalk

Yoofs - Good Guyz Make Bad Friendz

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