2 September 2011

Burning Yellows/The Whines Split 12"

It's not often I post about split releases, or even specific releases at all, but this upcoming split 12" through Palmist with Burning Yellows and The Whines is ace and deserves attention. Featuring 5 tracks from each band - both of which are from Portland - the split is out on the 12th through FatCat sister label Palmist who have been doing some ace things since they started not long back. Husband and wife duo Burning Yellows bring the 2 minute-long cutesy, jangly fuzzy pop, whilst three-piece The Whines efforts are considerably more considered, slow-paced but still along the same fuzz pop mould. Seriously though, both are ace and this is a top release. The Whines - Electric Current
Burning Yellows - False Horizons
Burning Yellows Facebook | The Whines Facebook | Palmist

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