10 June 2011



Blogged about south Wales four-piece VVOLVES at the start of the year following a debut EP release on Peski Records. It was all dancey, punky youthful synth-led pop - vibrant, energetic, and perfectly effective. Looks like they've decided to move in 2 entirely new directions since then, though, with 'Strange Blood' and 'People' springing up on their bandcamp page for free download this week.

The former track, Strange Blood, is slow-paced, pensive, down-beat and almost-balladry in its make up; crying vocals, big guitar sounds, violin sounding synth, slow paced drum crackles, and minor-key piano chords throughout. It's affecting and effective - and couldn't be much more different to other new song People. Surfy guitar chords jerk in time with echoing snare hits bringing to mind Fair Ohs, and the similarity to US surf-punks remains a fairly valid comparison for the rest of the track also.

Arguably pretty brave to cover such a broad range of sounds especially for a band so early into their 'career', but it pays off here for sure. Listen below and hear more at bandcamp.

VVOLVES - Strange Blood

VVOLVES - People

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