23 August 2010

The Louche F.C.

I hate to steal things from other people, especially when those other people are pleasant folk, so you should all know that this tip comes fresh from The Pigeon Post. The Louche FC are just one of many exciting bands which that blog has featured, so first and foremost you should head there. Here is what The Pigeon Post said about this band earlier this month.

As I said, I don't like that I am almost stealing this directly from another blog, but The Louche FC seem too good not to share. A nod to the likes of Black Tambourine, the Manchester-based three-piece make jangly and 'gazey indie pop that one can imagine The Drums guitarists' Holiday Records putting out.

Earlier recordings are instrumental and dreamy affairs, probably drawn up during lazy sunny afternoons, whereas female vocals accompany the 2 apparently more recent MySpace tracks. "Back Bedroom Casualty" has an almost surfy guitar twang whilst female vocals provide distant and echoed sounds to jangle guitar. "Four-Parts Bastard" sticks out among the other 3 tracks online. A drum machine works with heavier sounding bass and guitar, whilst reverb creates the din to which the vocals cut through.

Both the band's dreamier and heavier songs work effectively, and I really look forward to hearing more.

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