9 September 2013


Previously working under the name FNORDS for a little bit, FFNORDZZ is a dude from my home town of Plymouth who I've blogged about before but who I've never met and whose real name I don't know. His earlier tracks were experimental pop songs which I really liked so it's cool to see the arrival of a new EP.

Imagine a modern day Frank Zappa writing out and out pop songs and you're not far off. The result is something that could (hopefully fairly) be compared to Gross Magic in that it shares that kind of guitar-led, relatively lo-fi experimental pop sound. Lots of high-pitched guitars, catchy melodies, and even at times that hushed vocal. It's cool.

'Pop Stardom' is the name of the new EP. It's also the opening track and I supposed the 'most immediate' of the five. Listen to it below or download the whole thing on bandcamp. Apparently there should be another EP out this month too so eyes peeled etc.

Bandcamp | Tumblr | SoundCloud

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