30 January 2013

Giant Burger

London's Giant Burger kind of defy genre and description. There are vocals and drums and guitar and bass and keys. There are melodies and there is noise. It's kind of experimental but it's also kind of pop at the same time as being kind of rock and prog and punk and blah blah blah. But then, being made up of a good few members of the now deceased BAANEEX, this kind of skullfuckery is to be expected really.

All that really matters is that I like their songs and hopefully some people who frequent this blog will do too. 'Trapped In Egypt' sounds like the kind of song you might expect to soundtrack a kids' horror TV show, while new track 'Fridges' (taken from a forthcoming four-track cassette on London's Odd Box Records, I think...) hears them at their most self-assured and well-recorded to date. A band increasingly comfortable with their place in the corner of the room with no friends, and I admire that.

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