17 May 2012

Video: YRRS - Mob Life

Not one to be usually too fussed about videos, this one comes with a brand new song and some good news from YRRS - so it seemed more than worthy of a few words. The noisy guitar/drums two-piece from New Milton/Christchurch (who knows... somewhere on the south coast of England) are back with 'Mob Life', another driving, distorted pop effort that grips you (well, it gripped me) from the off. They're a really good live band and the drummer is 17 years old. The drummer is 17 years old. It seemed worth mentioning twice.

It's due to be released on a split 7" with Honeyslide through Keep It Yours Records (who have previously released a split with The Babies) on June 25. Honeyslide's contribution 'Made For You' is top too - you can hear both tracks below.

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