3 September 2010

Gig of the Week: Cardiff, 6 - 12 Sept

This week's gig of the week is not Kaiser Thiefs at Live Lounge (a Kaiser Chiefs cover band at a 'music venue' with an Oceana vibe - I can't think of much worse). See below for what it is.

Monday 6th September:
Joy Collective/Businessman Records Present: Action Beat / Brandyman / Saturday's Kids
Buffalo Bar
Event Info.

Action Beat are sometimes loads and loads of people, sometimes not quite so many people making improv noisey punk. This show will feature between 7 and 9 members, apparently, which will translate to drummers as around 3 or 4.

Support comes partly from the relatively new Brandyman, featuring members or ex-members of the likes of Truckers of Husk, Gindrinker, and Joy of Sex. Expect heavy guitar riffs and plenty of clever music-y stuff. Support also comes from Saturday's Kids (talked about lots on here) who, as I've said many times, make heavy post-punk sounds with cool speeding up and slowing down and care free vocals. They just released a 7" on Art For Blind Records.

Also worth noting include:
Alessi's Ark at Chapter Arts Centre Thursday 9th, and a celebration the 10th birthday of the Welsh Music Foundation with free gigs in the foyer of the Millennium Centre in the Bay on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th (Future of the Left play on the Friday).

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